hey YOU!
you're made for this.
you're brilliant, multi-faceted, and created to fulfill your
god given dreams and live free.

Ready to shine your light?


Are you a big dreamer who is tired of burning out right BEFORE you start seeing the fruits of your labor?

Tell me if these things are true about you:

•You believe in God and know that there is plan for far better than you can even imagine, but you're struggling to align with Him & surrender control.

•You’re both at parent AND an entrepreneur ready to make some real MOOLA from building your dream to share the goodness with others!

•You want to create a beautiful world for your family and overflow that magic into rest of the world and you're struggling to find harmony between your home life and your business.

•You try to talk to anyone and everyone about how you're building an amazing life and business and are ready to get out of the rat race.

•You want to lead the people you love to a marvelous life too.

•You're ready to step into your authentic voice and let go of other people's opinions to build something beautiful!

•You are freaking STOKED about the business you see in your dreams.

•You're imagination is in overdrive in the best way.

•You know you can do this and see other people building their dream businesses all of the time, it’s proof!

•You want to actually LIVE life with your spouse and see them in the daytime too.

Tell me how often these stressful thoughts come up:

• You know you have the potential to bring this dream to reality but you keep talking yourself out of consistently doing the work.

• You start to feel like you're burdening others when you're chasing your dreams.

•"I'm scared my desire to build a dream is selfish and not of God." (Let me squash this one right here right now. A desire that serves others in any way is placed in you BY God. Don't get it twisted.)

• You feel guilty about work cutting into time with your family.

• You can’t decide the next right thing to do to grow your business and level up.

•You're worried that it's selfish for you to chase your dreams.

• You think other people are already doing what you want to do and they are doing it better.

• "I'm so scared I'm putting in all of this work for nothing."

• You feel overwhelmed and think you don't have enough time or money to build what you truly want to build.

• You think, "I'm not (insert silly limiting thought here) enough to do this well."

• Delegating anything scares the you know what outta you.

• You are spinning your wheels because you know what you want to do but can't figure out HOW to do it.

Now you can relax, because…

you found Brimworthy

And I want you to freaking shine your light! To build a Brimworthy life & business, means to intentionally fill up your life with meaningful things that expand your capacity for joy and abundance, so instead of pouring out your goodness all day, you can overflow it into the world like your meant to!

A Brimworthy life is one where you live daily in
your destined Zone of Genius.

I help you do this. I'm REALLY good at it too.
Helping you live in your zone of genius is my zone of genius and
a gift I take very seriously! Think of me as your business mama, I see your unique gifts and potential. I also care about you enough to not only guide you but give you the talkin' to you need to grow.

book a free call with me
to start uncovering what's
brimworthy about your life & what YOU'RE going to make more brimworthy today!

what brimworthy coaching has done for my clients

Our private group enneagram coaching session with Chelsea was truly a gift. I'm eternally grateful for her teachings, her wisdom and her beautiful presence as I learn more about my dominant enneagram type and how to use it to further share my magic and gifts with my family, friends, coworkers and community. The session was life-affirming and I can’t wait to do it again. If you are fortunate enough to be able to work with Chelsea
you will not regret it.

Jenny newcomer - commit 30 founder

Hi, I'm Chelsea!

I’m the founder of Brimworthy and I’m building a company that helps amazing moms figure out how to build a spectacular life and business that leads other people to believe in something bigger than themselves and inspires them build extraordinary things too! I believe moms are uniquely gifted at bringing a vision that can change the world to life because we are already doing it with our own children! We all carry the potential to share the light of the divine inside of us that simply calls us all to believe and be in awe.

As a believer in Jesus, I believe we are all here with a unique purpose and we are a complex creation of 3 main parts. I work with the head, the heart, and the gut using the Enneagram & The Dream Method to combine transformational life coaching with growth strategy to create a coaching experience that opens the doors to the spectacular life you’ve been working hard to create on your own. I believe that you can either pour out your light or overflow it into the world, you get to choose.

Together we find what's Brimworthy to you so you can make consistent choices that shine your light without draining your soul!

I've designed several ways to get you going in the right direction

Packages & details

Discovery Call



30 minute experience that you won't be the same after! Let's see if we're a good fit for each other & get straight down to business about why you're looking for a coach, what I help you with, and how the Enneagram combined with the Dream Method can transform you today.
*One time offer for new clients only.

Burn Bright Society

Group Coaching & Accountability Community


The HQ for spirit led parent-preneurs committed to burning BRIGHT instead of OUT!

In the Burn Bright Society we are creating an otherworldly dream building experience (seriously, we talk about God, aliens, and how time isn't real 😍) and we want you to feel the support, confidence, fun, and warmth that comes from surrendering building your business alone to surrounding yourself with other visionary parents like you who are actively transforming from dreamer, to dream believer, to dream doer without selling their souls to the hustle culture we are inundated these days

Discover Your Enneagram Type


book now

Seems easy enough...take a test and find
your Enneagram type, right?

This would be true if we were always honest and if the enneagram was a personality test, but it's not!

Finding your enneagram type with a certified coach makes the process not only shorter, but fun and enjoyable! We explore the desire, fear, longing, and weakness of the types you resonate with without the internet stereotypes and instagram memes.

This 60 minute experience has the potential to
change your life forever and show you pathways to the freedom and joy God created you for that you can access NOW.

Enneagram Boss 10 Week Intensive

6 PAYMENTS OF $675 oR One payment of $3750


This includes 5 DEEP education sessions and 1 follow up Brimworthy method session where we dive deep into the nooks and crannies of your Enneagram type and how your ego is uniquely is affecting your life & business. Along with this you will receive custom type specific guide sheets to encourage self-reflection and deepen the learning experience.

Walk away with tailored to you ways to use the Enneagram and the art of surrender in all areas of your life to stop burning out and start burning bright.

How does this work?

What's the process?

Step 1: HELLO!

We get to know each other :)


We uncover your unique type & your ego vocabulary while we
define your dreams and goals!


We do a deep exploration of your type and how it affects your life and work through your limiting beliefs and blindspots with transformational coaching tools!

Step 4: BECOME

This isn't magic. This is really possible. We work together to create a strategy to utilize all that you're learning and breaking through in real time to take massive action  utilizing your unique skills to transform your life & business!

Chelsea is the perfect blend of soul-searching magic and strategy, she’s everything I needed. I went through her enneagram coaching to discover the “why” behind my business so that I could craft my unique and beautiful brand story. It was one of the most profound personal development experiences of my life. Her coaching is allowing me to build a business based on my most authentic highest self. I firmly believe that everyone needs Chelsea, she will unlock magic you didn’t even know you had. Her enneagram coaching will give you the roadmap, the blueprint, that will help you craft the most beautiful life.

JENelle woodlief - empowered bodywork

Stop sabotaging your dreams,


If you’re ready to lift your life up and out of its predictable cycle of feast or famine, I'm ready to help you make that happen!

I'M READY TO lead with my light!

We’ve designed several ways to get you going in the right direction

frequently asked questions

Who needs to hire a coach?

You need to hire a coach if:
• You are tired of hustling and being "busy" you want to really move the needle forward.
• You know that coaching and investing in your personal development is going to help you level up your business and life!
• You know you aren't reaching your potential and you're ready to invest in yourself to change that
• You have a business and you aren't rolling in the moola like you want to be.
• You're struggling with self awareness leading to difficulty finding your purpose achieving your goals.
• You need help getting systems and strategy in place and are overwhelmed with where to start.
• You are lacking an accountability & support system to build your dream (Proximity Principle is everything!)
• You're ready to GROW and know you need accountability from someone who KNOWS you deeply through the Enneagram.
• The Enneagram seems awesome to you and you know your mindset need some work but you're super confused on how it works.
• You know deep down your are made for more but you do not have a support system of likeminded people and you feel alone.
• You are ready to silence your limiting beliefs, build your business, and live your dream life.

What is the Dream Method?

The Dream Method is GOLD. Seriously. It's like having a bar of gold in your pocket once you start to be transformed by it. 100's of women of have changed their entire reality using the Dream Method in just the past 6 months and I am so grateful for the opportunity to coach you with it!

It stands for:

D-Define your dreams. Get clear by defining what your dream life & biz truly are to set a clear path towards them  🙌
R-Release what's holding you back. Recognize and release the things holding you back from RUNNING towards your dream.
E-Eliminate your distractions. Take inventory of what is serving the DREAM & learn tools to eliminate what isn't.
A-Acceptance & Action. Accept who you are, who you are becoming, and take action to uncover your highest potential.
M-Mastering Your Mind. Mutliples tools and resources to master your mindset (peep the enneagram!) & effectively level up through your DREAM evolution.

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram an awareness tool that describes the 9 human ego structures. Maybe you learned Spanish in high school? Well with the Enneagram we learn the language of you mind! It is the equivalent of a personalized GPS to your inner self that reveals your true motivations & your roadblocks they determine why you think the way you do, feel, and behave in particular ways. It is like having a built in Siri telling you when you are headed to your highest self and when you may have taken a wrong turn and gives you unique tools to your best way to get back on your path to glory.

We at Brimworthy believe this is a neutral psychological tool that God is redeeming to help people see where the enemy is infiltrating their mind by means of fear, pride, shame, and guilt with their ego to keep them from fulfilling their purpose and ultimately diminish their faith. If you are opposed to the Enneagram that is ok! This is not the only tool nor is it a substitute for God in any way, first pray and use your discernment on if this is for you and if not, we wish you the very best on your journey!

What will coaching do for me?

•10X your awareness and ability to understand why you do things so you can level up.
•Find you superpowers and your kryptonite so you can live a fulling life in your true purpose.
•Help you overcome self-limiting beliefs, self sabotage, imposter syndrome, and deep rooted bad thought/behavior patterns.
•Strengthen your relationship with God, your family, and friends!
•Experience LIFE CHANGING transformation and freedom in your business & your life!
•Allow you to not only dream big but BUILD big at warp speed.

No really, what will this do for me?

Coaching will help you shut your fear mongering ego down, break free from the fear it puts in your way to keep you "safe", and LIVE while building the life & business you were destined to build!

Just looking to get your feet wet?

join the burn bright society

If you’re new to investing in personal growth and not sure exactly what you want to get out of it or where to start, our clubhouse may be a great option to test the waters, reap the benefits of daily access to personal growth goodness from a certified coach, and talk with others visionaries like you!

there is a seat for you by the fire!

Our Package Options

clients living life to the brim


Life & Business Alignment Coach

Heather Dulin

Talent Manager & Mama


Money Mindset Queen

There’s no reason you can’t live your best life AND build a business.

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